Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Why You Need It

Your body continuously goes through changes. But there are times when an imbalance within can lead to a lot of health issues and also make you feel terrible. Hormone replacement therapy helps maintain the hormonal balance and helps your lead a healthier and happier life.
What is this Therapy?
The pellets that are used for this therapy are derived from plants. This means that they are completely natural and their structure is the same as those which are produced within our bodies. Testosterone and estradiol are the two types of pellets that are currently available in the market. They are placed just under the skin in the upper part of the hip. It is a simple procedure that hardly takes any time.
Once they have been inserted, they start to release a supply of hormones in a steady and constant manner. Each course usually lasts between three to six months depending on how quickly the body metabolizes the pellet that has been inserted.
How Pellet Therapy Will Help You
There are a lot of benefits to this therapy. First of all, it is very convenient. So you just have to get it inserted once and then forget about it for the next few months. So no pills to be taken or creams to be applied.
The whole procedure itself is also very quick, very much like having blood drawn. You simply have to walk into the doctor's office and the medical staff will insert it in a few seconds. And there are no risks that are associated with this treatment so there are no side effects that you need to be afraid of.
Women can choose this form of therapy to help with a lot of problems. Right from reducing fat mass and helping you manage your weight to improving your sex drive and improving your overall mood, pellet therapy will help you look better and feel better. It also helps you focus better and improves concentration.
The Advantages of Pellets
The pellets that are used in this procedure are completely natural and as big as a grain of rice. They have been used because they have a number of advantages. Firstly, they provide a very steady of supply of the hormones to the body. This mimics the natural process of secretion of hormones within the body. Since the pellets provide this consistency, it prevents fluctuations and the body does not have to go through a lot of ups and downs in order to get used to the added hormones.
The pellets also give quick results and they are very safe. This therapy has also been seen to boost sex drive and libido in both men as well as women.
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